ONE October-December 2022

In questo numero sono presenti i seguenti articoli: Climate change is global, the pain is private (ONE Team) CCUS has still a role in the energy


Mexican farmers and scientists share a mission: saving a wetland (Undark)

On the southern edge of Mexico City, on a patch of land surrounded by water, a farmer and a scientist recently inspected rows of small...

Climate change amplifies the risk of conflict, study from Africa shows (Mongabay)

In October 2021, the city of Guriel in Somalia’s Galguduud region became the epicenter of fierce fighting between the national army and a paramilitary group...

Net zero: Copenhagen’s failure to meet its 2025 target casts doubt on other major climate plans (The Conversation)

The city of Copenhagen, often celebrated as one of the world’s greenest for its cycling culture and other initiatives, recently defaulted on its pledge to...

The risks and rewards of the minerals required for the energy transition (Dialogo Chino)

In order to limit global temperature rises, the world will have to undergo an urgent energy transition that will leave the fossil fuel era behind....

Climate change is global, the pain is private (ONE Team)

Imagine that your community has been battered or even destroyed by a climate change-induced flood, tornado, hurricane, or drought. Some community members have perished, including...

CCUS has still a role in the energy transition (Debo Adams)

More than 120 countries have announced commitments to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, or 2060 in the case of China and 2070 in India....

The Law of the Many (ONE Editor)

Private jets pollute more. They pollute like all planes but serve few people, which is why the amount of co2 emitted per capita is unacceptable....

Less fuel in harvesting maize (ONE Team)

Maize is one of the New World plants nobody else had experienced before 1500. Compared with wheat or rye, it certainly looked peculiar. The grain...

Putting an island on the world map of hydrogen (Alice Masili (ONE team))

Thanks to green hydrogen Cavoli Island will be the first energetically independent site in the world, served only with zero-emission technologies and utilities. We are...

Zollverein (ONE Team)

The Zollverein XII Coal Mine Industrial Complex is an important example of a European primary industry of great economic significance in the 19th and 20th..




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