ONE April-June 2018

In questo numero sono presenti i seguenti articoli: Corridor of Power, The odd triangle, Humberstone and Santa Laura, Hywind and Dry, Radon smoke is rising.


In questo numero sono presenti i seguenti articoli:

Corridor of Power (Toby Lockwood (ONE Team))

For over a decade Pakistan’s growing economy has been held back by a chronic shortage of electricity; supply has often fallen short by over 20%...

The odd triangle (Jez Abbott (ONE team))

It used to be missiles; now it’s oil, but Cuba is still in crisis. Back in ’62 the so-called Cuban Missile Crisis triggered a 13-day...

Humberstone and Santa Laura (ONE Team)

Two former saltpeter refineries located in northern Chile, in the Atacama Desert. Founded in 1872, the Saltpeter works and the towns constructed around them became obsolete fifty years later, after two...

Hywind and Dry (Alice Masili (ONE team))

We are in Buchan Deep, where Scotland has given the green light to Hywind, a project that brought about the construction of the largest floating...

Radon smoke is rising (Eusebio Loria (ONE Team))

Warning: “Radon is all around us. You are now entering a radioactive area.”. It could be the sign at your front door. Would you stay...




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