ONE April-June 2017

In questo numero sono presenti i seguenti articoli: Rethink ‘carbon’ to make CO2 work for climate change solutions, Williamsburg, Urbanisation can be good for the environment, ...


In questo numero sono presenti i seguenti articoli:

Rethink ‘carbon’ to make CO2 work for climate change solutions (Paul Bunje)

An old cliché declares that the challenges we face often present the greatest opportunities. Yet in the case of addressing climate change, we have historically...

Williamsburg (ONE Team)

The Domino Sugar Refinery was the first refinery of the American Sugar Refining Company. It processed more than half of the sugar sold in the...

Urbanisation can be good for the environment (Tommy Leong)

Urbanisation has never resonated stronger among countries – developed and developing alike – than now. While the recently documented New Urban Agenda (Habitat III) posits...

What rural Alaska can teach the world about renewable energy (David W. Shaw)

I flew into Unalakleet, Alaska, on a late fall day. With about 700 people, Unalakleet is large by rural Alaska standards and serves as a...

Argentina’s Never-ending Environmental Disaster (IPSnews Ipsnews)

Is it possible to spend 5.2 billion dollars to clean up a river which is just 64-km-long and get practically no results? Argentina is showing...

Vertical green (Alice Masili (ONE team))

Have you ever thought of building a green roof or a vertical garden for your house? After this article, you will start thinking about it,...

Hemp: so useful, yet so misunderstood (ONE Team)

Do you sock it to the planet with your socks? It is estimated that in the United States four billion pairs of socks are purchased...

Very little remains (Jez Abbott (ONE team))

Three days before leaving the White House President Barack Obama sent $500 million to the Green Climate Fund. Then came Donald Trump, and that could...




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