ONE July-September 2019

This issue contains the following articles: The long road towards a more environmental energy system, If Ebola becomes the norm, Defying Dystopia: shaping the climate future we want, ...


This issue contains the following articles:

The long road towards a more environmental energy system (ONE Team)

Imagine that you want to heal the earth from the ravages caused by global climate change. You received diagnostic reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on...

If Ebola becomes the norm (Alice Masili (ONE team))

Climate change interferes, directly and indirectly, with a wide variety of diseases by acting as a multiplying force for the diffusion of infectious diseases. Global...

Defying Dystopia: shaping the climate future we want (Nick Buxton)

We live in an age of dystopias on demand. Whether it’s Black Mirror, The Hunger Games or The Handmaid’s Tale, there is no limit to...

How a Japanese system can help African cities adapt to climate change (The Conversation)

Sub-Saharan Africa is already experiencing the realities of a changing climate – and the situation is only going to get worse. The reasons for this...

Tech accelerators help Nonprofits fast-track technology aimed at solving environmental challenges (Meg Wilcox)

Imagine a solar panel that could pull moisture from the air and create clean drinking water, using only the power of the sun, for hundreds...

How electrification can supercharge the energy transition (The World Economic Forum)

No matter which country you’re in, the energy transition is underway. It is taking slightly different shapes and may progress from different starting points depending...

Merkel puts contentious CCS technology back on German agenda (Julian Wettengel)

Chancellor Angela Merkel called the controversial carbon capture and storage (CCS) a potentially key element for the country’s efforts to tackle climate change. The country...

White Bay (ONE Team)

White Bay is a significant item of industrial heritage associated with the evolving pattern of power generation in NSW and Australia. It is characteristic of...




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