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Geothermal processes

Geothermal heating and cooling can supply energy at both low and high temperatures and for different requirements. It can also provide electricity and heat at …


Sotacarbo Summer School 2019

Sotacarbo is holding its Annual International Summer School on CCUS and Low Carbon Technologies from 10th to 14th June 2019 at its Research Centre in Carbonia, Italy.

There will be 40 places available for Italian and international Ph.D. students and young researchers engaged in energy-related research and interested in low carbon energy conversion from several different angles: technologies, environmental effects, economic and legal issues, and more.

Sotacarbo Summer School has been designed mainly to give students information on the most recent technological improvements in the low carbon energy conversion field. One of the School’s main goal is also to offer to participants the opportunity to experience a broader and deeper understanding of specific topics like power generation from renewable energy sources (with particular reference to biomass) and the application of carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage to power generation and industry.

April-June 2019 (ONE)

In this number the following articles are present: One Earth Climate Model (Karl Burkart) Australian Judge Strikes Down Coal Mine in Part Because of ...

April-June 2019 (ONE)