January-March 2024 (ONE)

In this number the following articles are present: The European Hydrogen Bank’s risky bet, Road or Us, Kelly, Jamaica battles relentless plastic...


The European Hydrogen Bank’s risky bet
Climate-friendly hydrogen is in the process of being upscaled in Europe and worldwide. However, the new technologies must still be more profitable for the industry...

Road or Us
You probably already know that automobiles are major consumers of fossil fuels, and they produce vast amounts of the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate...

It was 1866, and the area was Magdalena Mining District (New Mexico, USA), where J. S. Hutchason discovered some rich lead outcroppings and opened the...

Jamaica battles relentless plastic pollution in quest to restore mangroves
“All of this was mangroves,” says marine scientist Mona Webber, pointing toward a line of ghostly gray boulders separating the road from the sea. We’re...

Carbon freebies: How UK firms can close factories and make millions on the carbon market
A little-known government scheme designed to encourage businesses to reduce emissions allowed one company to make £32m on the carbon market after closing a factory...

A Latvian forest the size of 237 football pitches cut down for an industrial park
The municipality of Augšdaugava plans to develop an industrial park in the parish of Līksna in eastern Latvia. As part of the project, a 256–hectare forested area, owned by Latvia’s State Forests company, will be transferred to the municipality. The project is set to be financed by a mix of public...

How could Australia actually get to net zero? Here’s how
Every bit of warming matters if we want to avoid the worst impacts for climate change, as the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on...




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