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Zing Conference on Carbon Dioxide Catalysis

Albufeira, Portugal, 19–22 April 2016

This conference will showcase the latest advances realized in the catalytic conversion of CO2, a cheap carbon feed stock that provides alternative and new opportunities for its conversion into value-added matter including polymers, fine-chemicals and energy-storage materials. The primary aim of the conference is to gather representatives from the academic and industrial communities to exchange information and ideas, and to find mutual ground for developing new and improved catalytic methods solving the challenges of today and the (near) future in our chemistry based societies.
Key topics will include contributions from experts in the field of heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis, and features such as computational aspects, catalyst recycling/separation, sustainability and reactivity & selectivity of CO2conversion will be debated. This forum is also intended to intensify the interactions between academic and industrial scientists as a starting point for long-term multidisciplinary collaborative relations.