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ONE October-December 2015

One - n.04/2015

In questo numero sono presenti i seguenti articoli:

White Rose wilts under green cuts (Toby Lockwood)

September 2015 saw a major setback in plans to deploy carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the United Kingdom, as Drax Power withdrew support from their White Rose project even before a government decision is made on whether to award the project £1 bn in funding earmarked for the demonstration of the new technology. Planned […]

South Africa’s Road to Growth is Paved With Coal (Nikki Fisher, Cornerstone)

South Africa is already largely urbanized. Today, nearly two-thirds of South Africans live in urban centers. Although the rate of urbanization is slower in South Africa than some other emerging economies, it is projected that 77% of the country’s population will reside in urban areas by 2050. Energy from coal is intertwined with urbanization in […]

Rise in CO2 could restrict growing days for crops (Tim Radford, Climate News Network)

  While plants in temperate zones may benefit from higher temperatures, global warming’s impact in the tropics threatens catastrophe for food security. LONDON, 20 June, 2015 − The positive consequences of climate change may not be so positive. Although plants in the colder regions are expected to thrive as average global temperatures rise, even this […]

4 Signs the Tide May Be Turning Against Lion Hunting, and 1 It Isn’t (Brian Clark Howard, National Geographic)

Who could shoot a lion? That’s the question many people are asking on social media and in protests outside the offices of big game hunters, after the illegal killing of Cecil the lion last month. Although some hunting groups are digging in on their support of the legal, regulated pastime, there are also signs that […]

Entering the Nuclear Age, Body by Body – The Nagasaki Experience (Susan Southard,

Korean and Chinese workers, prisoners of war, and mobilized adults and students had returned to their work sites; some dug or repaired shelters, others piled sandbags against the windows of City Hall for protection against machine-gun fire. In the Mitsubishi sports field, bamboo spear drills in preparation for an invasion had just concluded. Classes had […]

Nuclear fusion, the clean power that will take decades to master (The Conversation)

Nuclear fusion is what powers the Sun and the stars – unleashing huge amounts of energy through the binding together of light elements such as hydrogen and helium. If fusion power were harnessed directly on Earth, it could produce inexhaustible clean power, using seawater as the main fuel, with no greenhouse gas emissions, no proliferation […]


Egypt revives Suez dream amid global trade slump and escalating insurgency (Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph)

Egypt has revived the Suez Canal on a grand scale with a flourish of patriotic fervour, vowing to reignite world trade almost a century and a half after the legendary waterway first opened. The .2bn construction blitz adds a second shipping lane along a 45-mile stretch, allowing traffic to move in both directions. It shaves […]

How the Border Security Industry Will Profit Hugely From Climate Change (Todd Miller and Alex Devoid, In these times)

April 24, at the Defense, National Security, and Climate Change Symposium in Washington, D.C., Brigadier General Stephen Cheney stepped up to the podium to discuss “conflict and climate change.” Although Cheney is CEO of the American Security Project think tank, he identifies first as a retired Marine who likes to talk about “war fighting.” That’s […]

We Shell Overcome, Someday (Jez Abbott)

Late this September announced it was shlving its Arctic oil and gas operations off the coast of Alaska – for now. The Arctic is so tantalising for many reasons and the recent knock back to Shell is unlikely to deter it or rival companies from further forays The Arctic holds around 30% of the world’s […]

Cutting our carbon emissions to live well within the means of nature (Sebastian Winkler)

Humanity currently uses the equivalent resources of 1.6 Earths, with carbon sequestration making up more than half of that demand on nature, according to data from Global Footprint Network, an international sustainability think tank with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Global Footprint Network tracks humanity’s demand on the planet (Ecological Footprint) against nature’s […]