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Il Polo tecnologico sull’energia e l’ambiente

Grande Miniera Serbariu, scorcio panoramico - Credit Alessandro Orsini (Sotacarbo)

Sotacarbo-ResearchCentre200Sotacarbo is already well-known in Italy as the national reference company for the development of the technologies for the sustainable use of fossil fuels (coal in particular). Our company developed research activities in the fields of the so-called “clean coal”, the CO2 capture and storage and the power generation.
The experience gained during all these years suggested to review the role and the organization of the Company, through the implementation of an International Technologic Pole on Energy and Environment, with the aim to collect knowledge and infrastructures in order to back and also to boost Italy’s energy policy.

The activities programme of the technological pole includes theoretical and experimental studies on:
• “zero emissions” technologies for power generation and energy carriers production from coal and biomass;
• production of liquid fuels from coal (including Sardinian Sulcis coal);
• pre- and post-combustion CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) technologies;
• integrations between power generation technologies from renewable sources (mainly biomass and solar) and thermoelectric power generation plants fed with fossil fuels;
• oxy-combustion technologies.