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An international patent application now published for the Sotacarbo catalyst

Cutting-edge research performed by Sotacarbo on CO2 conversion into clean fuels. Acknowledged by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) through the publication – on the 3rd October – of the patent application No. WO 2019/185223 A1 on an advanced catalyst for the conversion of CO2 into methanol.

With the publication of the patent application, after a series of technical controls to verify the actual novelty of the invention, the WIPO has certified that the catalyst presents higher performance than the other materials available in the scientific literature, with the further advantage that this catalyst doesn’t need any pre-treatment, which is an expensive and dangerous process required by all the commercial catalysts. This follows the publication (last July) of the preliminary experimental results in “Applied Catalysis B: Environmental”, the most important international Journal specialized in this topic.

“We have developed an advanced material characterized by a high surface area, combining innovative preparation methods, with the result of a catalyst with surprising performance even without any pre-treatment. This involves a series of advantages from the economic, engineering, chemical and safety points of view”, Mauro Mureddu (Sotacarbo researcher and inventor of the material) says.

“We know the great value of what we are doing but – even after several international prizes – we are very proud for this new acknowledgement by WIPO, which certified the novelty of our catalysts and its potential industrial contribution”, Alberto Pettinau (Sotacarbo’s Scientific Director) and Francesca Ferrara (chief of the “Process Engineering” team) – both co-inventors of the catalyst – say.

Thanks to the great support from the Regional Government of Sardinia – which partially funded the research through the “Centre of Excellence on Clean Energy” project (with FSC 2014-2020 funds) – Sotacarbo is giving a great contribution – in terms of advanced industrial solutions – to the development of social progress in full compliance with human life and environment. AP