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Methanol from renewables: Sotacarbo results in “Applied Catalysys B” journal

Methanol as a result of the combination of electric energy overproduction from renewable sources and CO2 recycling. A new international challenge for researchers from all over the world. Its enormous commercial potential is attracting interest from industry as well.

Sotacarbo entered the challenge a few years ago and is working on this topic within the “Centre of Excellence in Clean Energy” project, funded by the Regional Government of Sardinia. And now the first results of the study are published in the international journal “Applied Catalysis B: Environmental”, edited by Elsevier and widely regarded as one of the most important journals in this field of research.

“Highly efficient CuO/ZnO/ZrO2@SBA-15 nanocatalysts for methanol T synthesis from the catalytic hydrogenation of CO2” (authors: Mauro Mureddu, Francesca Ferrara, Alberto Pettinau) is about the development of advanced catalysts for methanol production from recycled CO2 and renewable hydrogen. The innovative material promotes the CO2 hydrogenation reaction under specific conditions. Thanks to its unique production method it reaches unrivalled performance levels for similar catalysts. This very high performance can involve a significant economic advantage if applied to industrial processes.

The novelty of the product and its high potential for commercial applications led Sotacarbo to protect the invention through an international patent application (PCT).