Corpo Pagina

Geothermal processes

Geothermal heating and cooling can supply energy at both low and high temperatures and for different requirements. It can also provide electricity and heat at different loads. Geothermal will be a key energy source, both in smart cities and in smart rural communities, as it is able to supply both heating and cooling, and electricity, as well as solutions for smart thermal and electricity grids via thermal storage. Geothermal resources are thermal energy reservoirs that can be exploited at costs competitive with other forms of energy and are classified by the reservoir fluid temperatures as low-, medium- or high-enthalpy fields. Shallow geothermal energy, i.e. within the first 10 metres below the Earth’s surface, is mainly influenced by the input of solar energy rather than heat from the Earth’s core.

This activity aims to identify areas of potential geothermal interest and to characterize the most suitable areas in south-western Sardinia, both for direct and indirect uses. Direct uses include those uses that utilize the warmth of the earth, such as the heating and cooling of individual dwellings and living spaces, floriculture, aquaculture and thermal balneology. Indirect uses, meanwhile, refer to the production of electricity from conventional geothermal power plants, for systems at a higher temperature (> 150 °C), or from non-conventional systems, such as binary loop systems, for medium temperature sources 100-150 ° C). The aims of the activity will be achieved through a careful analysis of the geological, geophysical and geochemical data collected for the area concerned.