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CO2/H2 separation by membranes

This activity aims to develop and characterize different types of polymeric membranes to separate pure gas or mixes of gases similar to syngas. In the …

CO2 separation by liquid solvents

The study of the performance of CO2 capture processes in pilot- and demonstration-scale plants is crucial in providing valuable insights into the operating strategies (start-up, …

Coal and biomass gasification

In the field of coal and biomass gasification for distributed power generation, Sotacarbo (together with ENEA, the University Cagliari, the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” …

Air-to-fuel processes

The possibility of removing CO2 directly from the atmosphere by using energy from renewable sources is gaining more and more interest as a result of …

Membrane test facility

Gas separation with membranes is commonly used in different industrial processes, for example natural gas sweetening. Their use for CO2 and H2 separation in CCS …