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Only Natural Energy

ONE is an English-language, quarterly digital magazine on clean energy that focuses on its technological and environmental aspects. Among the fields covered: policy&strategy, climate change, innovation, environment, biomass, fossil fuels, geothermal, nuclear, renewables. ONE is the acronym for Only Natural Energy, which summarizes the concept that all energy sources are natural, and their exploitation must be kept compatible with nature. ONE provides a good selection of the most interesting articles about climate change, new technologies, policies and strategies in the energy field plus some original content.

IEA CCC Reports

IEA Clean Coal Centre reports

Sotacarbo educational

A vast range of activities provided to students from primary to high school and at the university level as well.

Sotacarbo Summer School

The Annual International Sotacarbo Summer School on low carbon technologies is open to 40 university students from all over the world with a background in engineering, geo-technologies, and socio-economic disciplines. The Sotacarbo Summer School, organised with the support of universities, research institutes and major companies in the sector, aims to offer a broader view of all the possible issues and implications related to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Zoe Project

The ZOE Project primarily addresses primary and secondary education students (first and second grade) on topics such as global warming, climate change, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CUCS) and efficiency energy. The Project has two distinct paths: one for primary and one for middle and high school students.

Meetings and workshops

Events designed to promote information exchange, where researchers can present and discuss their work


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