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CO2 Value Day, Anversa (Belgio), 16.10.2018

CO2 is no longer a problem, but a precious resource. This is the key topic of the CO2 Value Day, workshop organized o the 16th October 2018 in Antwerp (Belgium) by the international no-profit association CO2 Value Europe (, of which Sotacarbo is founding member.
The association, established in late 2017 with 43 members and now increased to more than 60, aims to make carbon capture and utilization (CCU) a key pillar of the transition to a low carbon economy and to promote the development and market deployment of sustainable industrial solutions that convert CO2 into valuable products, in order to contribute to the net reduction of global CO2 emissions and to the diversification of the feedstock base.
Stefanie Kesting, CO2 Value Europe President, has compared the association to a beehive, which collects and allows close interactions between each single bee.
During the event, the urgency of reducing the use of follis fuels has been underlined, in particular for power generation, industry and transport. And if the technologies for power generation from renewable sources are now mature, the path to the development of fossil fuel free industry and transport is still long. In this aim, the reuse of carbon dioxide can become a key solution for the gradual replacement of fossil fuels derivates (gasoline, diesel, naphtha, etc.) used in several industrial sectors and for transports with clean fuels produced by CO2 and renewable energy sources.
The event has been concluded with the CO2 Value Europe General Assembly, in which has been approved the budget for 2018 and the membership of the new partners. MM/APet