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The Energy Transition – Cagliari, 16-18.11.2022

The Energy Transition Workshop (Cagliari, 16-18.11.2022)

This truly international workshop will bring together global experts on all aspects of the energy transition to discuss how we can reach net zero while maintaining secure and affordable energy supplies. Representatives from a range of countries will describe how they are approaching the issue – including Australia, the EU, Italy, Japan, South Africa and the USA.

We will also see how the technologies available and just coming onstream will play a vital role in tackling this massive global challenge. The ICSC workshop is a great opportunity to develop your knowledge on this critical issue, to gain a global overview of developments and to discuss progress with those that are making it happen.

In the policy sessions, you will have the opportunity to hear from leaders in the field, notably:

Jen Wilcox (US DOE), Carl Greenfield (IEA) and representatives from EC, Australia, Italy, Japan, South Africa and Brazil.

For sessions on low-carbon fuels such as biomass, hydrogen, methanol and ammonia, and low-carbon flexibility to support variable renewable energy, we are delighted to welcome experts including:

Dr Mai Bui (Imperial College, London), Dr Noel Simento (ANLEC, Australia)

Marc Turner (National Energy Technology Laboratory, NETL, USA)

Prof Jenny Jones (Uni of Leeds, UK), David McManus (Australia Carbon Innovation), Ashton Swartbooi (CSI, South Africa), Carlo Manconi, (H2D Energy), Dr Sarah Lai (Sotacarbo) and Dr Qian Zhu (ICSC).

Can coal be sustainable? A true highlight of the workshop will be the exploration of this intriguing question by global experts in the use of coal as a carbon resource – Randall Atkins CEO of Ramaco Carbon in the USA and Dr Ian Reid of the ICSC.

This timely event will bring together policy and technology experts from around the world to analyse and discuss realistic pathways for the energy transition.