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Sotacarbo-Peter Cook Centre: a long-term partnership

On June 13, Prof. Alessandro Lanza, Sotacarbo President, and Prof. Ralf Haese, Director of the Peter Cook Centre for CCS Research at the University of Melbourne, presented an international agreement on developing collaborative research projects on topics relating to carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS). They finalized the agreement during the 7th edition of the International Sotacarbo Summer School on Low Carbon Technologies, held in Carbonia (Italy).

This agreement will allow Sotacarbo and the Peter Cook Centre to conduct research projects in two primary areas. Firstly, to develop low cost and environmentally benign chemical engineering processes and systems to separate carbon dioxide from a range of flue gases. Secondly, to design and test advanced tools to better predict and monitor the migration of CO2.

“This collaboration is an outstanding opportunity to use complementary research facilities and exchange data to advance CCS research,” said Prof. Haese.

Sotacarbo and the Peter Cook Centre engaged over several months and have a clear understanding of how and why they want to collaborate. “The Peter Cook Centre is highly competent on CCS and this is the best of the most suitable partners for Sotacarbo on this topic. We met and discussed several times before reaching this agreement, which should serve both parties in a very effective way. And we are very confident it will lead to a long term partnership” said Prof. Lanza.

The agreement shows the commitment of Sotacarbo and the Peter Cook Centre to tackle global warming by developing greenhouse gas mitigation technologies.