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Rapporti IEA

IEA Clean Coal Centre (logo)The IEA Clean Coal Centre reports cover every aspect of the coal chain from mining through to combustion, emissions control, economic and policy studies.
Full report, which is a comprehensive literature review with expert analysis, could be downloaded for free by residents of member countries, Italy included, from the following link The reports abstracts has been available here.

  • CCC/225

    Challenges and opportunities for coal gasification in developing countries (CCC/225) Andrew Minchener October 2013 Coal gasification for chemicals, gaseous and liquid fuels production can fulfil …
  • CCC/224

    Quantifying emissions from spontaneous combustion (CCC/224) Lesley Sloss September 2013 Spontaneous combustion can be a significant problem in the coal industry, not only due to the obvious …
  • CCC/223

    Combining renewable energy with coal (CCC/223) Stephen Mills September 2013 There are various possibilities for incorporating biomass into coal-fuelled processes and a number of these …